First impressions of Ukraine expressed by our volunteer Francisca

It has been only 2 weeks since I moved to Severodonetsk in the East of Ukraine, but it already feels like a new home.
After a warm and hospitable welcome by Tatiana and her son Maksim I spend two days in the wonderful city of Kiev. Together with a part of the Восток SOS crew – the organization I will be working for the upcoming six months - we travelled 15 hours by train to reach the warm and sandy Severodonetsk. I was lucky to arrive in a very exciting time as the annual Festival Mneniya (Opinion festival Фестиваль мнений 2018) was going to take place. This festival, organized in cooperation with my Estonian sending organization MTÜ Mondo, provides ground for sharing knowledge and discuss diverse topics. There was a children’s playground where I provided a hedgehog workshop. It was great to see that children in Ukraine get as excited about it as in the Netherlands.
From now on it is up to me and my volunteer colleague Audrey from France to unfold a diverse program of educational, social and cultural events. Will keep you posted!

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