EU Aid Volunteers Deployment starts

The call for proposals 2018 will provide funding to support actions aimed at deployment of EU Aid Volunteers to support and complement humanitarian aid in third countries in projects focusing on disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness and linking relief rehabilitation and development.
The Objective is:
Selection, preparation and deployment of volunteers to contribute to strengthening the Union's capacity to provide needs-based humanitarian aid aimed at strengthening the capacity and resilience of vulnerable and disaster affected communities in third countries. Strengthening the capacities of implementing sending and hosting organisations participating / intending to participate in the initiative.
Expected results:

  • 250 junior/senior EU Aid Volunteers selected, trained and deployed to communities in vulnerable and disaster-affected third countries.
  • Synergies and complementarity to EU-funded operations in humanitarian aid or civil protection in the respective countries / region
  • For junior professionals: possibility to take part in apprenticeship placements of up to 6 months in the EU before deployment.