English clubs in Severodonetsk

In Severodonetsk and nearby several clubs dedicated to learning English take place by efforts of our European volunteers in partnership with Postup, Vostok-SOS and the Estonian NGO Mondo.
The Romanian volunteer Iuno Mavlea organizes three English clubs at Vostok-SOS office. One of them takes place every Tuesday at 16:00 with teenagers usually between 11 and 14 years. Having already some knowledge of the English language, during the club they usually practice their speaking and vocabulary skills through discussions on Human Rights and games.
During Saturday there are two classes. At 13:00 there is the Speaking Club for adults, where discussions are about movies, history and human rights, as well as individual or team games designed to practice the vocabulary. The second group at 15:00 is the Beginners’ club for adults. Students learn the English language step by step there; the course is based on a manual but diverse other exercises and games are added.
Interactive activities on Human Rights are also undertaken in schools during English classes and during breaks. Thus, Iuno organizes debates and discussions on different aspects of Human Rights, such as practical understanding of Human Rights, how governments tackle such issues, history of Human Rights and study-cases. Students sometimes play games and energizers between other activities of a lesson. The concept of “active breaks” was also practiced through games involving whole class. This means that during breaks at school classmates play games and enjoy time together.
The volunteer activities are carried out within the project “Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers”